Worlds Thinnest Smartphone Is Here : ViVo X3T

Worlds Thinnest Smartphone : ViVo X3T

Worlds Thinnest Smartphone Vivo X3T

I truly don’t know why most of the users believe that  thinner is better. Well i am not looking to carrying aroud a thick brick in my pocket but want something that desn’t feel like it will snap if i squeeze it too hard. Most of the users like slim smartphone and also quite impressive smartphone are available in the market. But i am pretty sure that you have felt such a lightweight and slim smartphone BBK Vivo X3T (Worlds thinnest Smartphone).

Vivo X3T is 5.75mm thick and has passed its Chinese certification for sale . It is expected to launch on August 22 on World’s largest carrir - China Mobile.

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Worlds Thinnest Smartphone

The specification for this awesome piece of technology are as follows :

~  5 inch FHD @ 1080 X 1920 Resolution.

~  MediaTek 1.5GHz Quad-Core Processor.

~  8MP Camera .

~ 1 GB RAM .

~  5 MP FFC (Front Facing Camera) .

~  150 grams .

~  143.27 mm X 71.03 mm X 5.75 mm .

~  Android Jelly Bean 4.2

The battle continues to drag on for who can build the Worlds Thinnest Smartphone , but with 5.75mm of thickness BBK Vivo X3T is the only winner for now. Only the other day Huawei’s Ascend P6 ( @ 6.18mm ) was the Worlds thinnest smartphone on the market . Followed by Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra (long name for a slim phone :D )which comes with 6.5mm of thickness .

Worlds Thinnest Smartphone


But remember one thing , with minimum thickness comes less room & with that comes a smaller battery. Smaller battery = shorter times between recharges. Huawei’s Ascend P6 sports only a 2000mAh battery but no battery size is specified on Vivo X3T . So we can expect nearby 2000mAh or even less in Vivo X3T.

I would rather have a quite ‘ fatter ‘ phone with longer battery life , but as the manufactures develop even more efficient batteries , then users can have thin smartphone and long battery life as well .

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