Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips And Tricks For Users | Learn More About S4

Here is some new Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips And Tricks for you guys to know more about your latest samsung smartphone.These were some basic tips ans tricks described about Samsung galaxy s4 ,so get to know about some samsung galaxy s4 tips and tricks.


About Samsung Galaxy S4 :-

samsung galaxy s4 tips and tricks


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now new latest smartphone in  the market. We have tested the new top model extensively and used in everyday life. Now it is with a heavy heart back to Samsung, but before we finally pack up and reset, we have compiled a number of tips and tricks that the “SGS4” even more fun.So some samsung galaxy s4 tips and tricks were.


1> Create folders in the app drawer – Samsung Galaxy S4 :-

samsung galaxy s4 tips and tricks ,How-to-Customize-App-Drawer-on-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-


  • Open the App Drawer
  • Click on the + menu button and select “Create Folder” and give an appropriate name to the folder.
  • Now click again on the edit function in the menu, and open the folder you created.
  • Now appears a + symbol. These taps her now, now you have the opportunity to push into apps.

If you want to delete the folder again, you open the menu again and choose not “uninstall”, but “edit” and takes full folder up in the trash can – the apps are not deleted.

So this is simple samsung galaxy s4 tips and tricks you can do in your phone.



2> Start camera from lockscreen :-

samsung galaxy s4 lockscreen camera tips and tricks


Anyone familiar with  Android 4.1 and newer, knows the practical function to start the camera directly from the Lockscreen from. This feature is activated with the Samsung Galaxy S4, but with a catch: The use of this function is only possible with an unsecured lockscreen . Do you have any type of security enabled – it is a pattern FaceUnlock or a PIN code – the function is not activated.

To activate this trick in galaxy s4 follow simple steps :-

You click on “Settings”> “My Device” and “lock screen“. Here you must first enable ‘Multiple Widgets “option, then the” lock screen widget “the” Favorite Apps “option or camera first activated by switch, finally tap on the same menu, select Camera and last save. Now you can launch the camera from the lockscreen by her (with time and Co.) wipes the displayed widget to the left of the screen – “already” starts the camera.


3> Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips And Tricks Use Full 13-megapixel resolution of the camera use – “back to 4:3″ :-

samsung galaxy s4 13 megapixel camera use tips and tricks


By default, the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera shoots the only photos with “only” nine megapixels and a 16:10 aspect ratio. Videos for this view may well be chic, chic photos are actually in 4:3.This ratio can also be the Galaxy S4 – including a higher resolution of 13-megapixels.

To enable this, start the camera and then goes into the settings by tapping her on the gear twice (or “Menu Button” and “settings”) – there you now have various settings, including the choice of image resolution.



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