How “eBooks” are different from “Real Books”

How eBooks are different from Real Books An ebook is called an electronic book. It is downloaded directly to  gadgets like PC, Laptop, Tabs, Smartphones or any other kind of electronic reading device. It consists pictures and graphics,  numbered pages, table of contents, same like a printed book. What are th... [Click to Read More]

Benefits and Non-Benefits of Online Shopping

Benefits and Non-Benefits of Online Shopping Nowadays, you can shop mostly everything via internet such as furniture , technology, clothing, beauty products, even groceries. The reason more people to turn online for all their shopping needs is the idea of not having to wait in long lines through racks of items you... [Click to Read More]

Local SEO and the Difference from Global Ones

Local SEO and the Difference from Global Ones What Is Local SEO? Mentioning Search Engine Optimization is not a big thing. It’s a buzz which everyone almost knows and talks about. But when it comes to understanding it on a wider range, things really change. Basically speaking, Local SEO is the process of optimizi... [Click to Read More]

Top 10 Antivirus For Your System Protection 2014

Top 10 antivirus for your system protection 2014 Nowadays, Every gadget user is undergoing from sorts of viruses, hacking, fishing, worms, malwares attacks. It seems quite impossible for us to stay safe always, but still there are plenty of anti-virus softwares that promised to provide security of our systems and tech... [Click to Read More]

Dos and Don’ts to Minimize Online Risks

1. Never share your password to anyone, either you know them or not. 2. Never pen down your password except on your personal gadgets. 3. Most online sites do not save your password securely. So, Never click on button that says "Remember My Password" . 4. Avoid Spam messages to minimize online risks. Never buy anything enlisted in a spam messages. 5. Please forgo from opening an attached file in your e-mail, even that mail is sent by someone you know well, unless you were hoping for it. 6. Avoid generating common passwords such as your name, date of birth, UNI, etc. 7. Do not leave your laptop unguarded, even for a few minutes. 8. Never revert to e-mail(s) demanding financial or personal information. It will help you to minimize online risks. 9. Avoid accessing e-mail(s) or e-mail attachments from an unidentified sender. 10. Don’t plug in your personal devices like USB drives, MP3 players, and smartphones without permission from the IT Service Help Desk. These devices can be jeopardize with code waiting to run as soon as you plug them into your personal gadget. 11. Please with-hold from clicking on the close button within pop-up ads. 12. Under any circumstances you should not download or use pirated copies of software. 13. Do not install Peer-to-Peer file sharing softwares which can illegitimately download copyrighted stuff. 14. Never position your e-mail program to "auto-open" attachments. 15. Don’t use an unprotected computer like one in an cyber cafe or a shared PC at office. Technology is constantly growing and becoming more approachable, and that means so too are the menace. Here i am providing you DOs and DON’Ts to minimize online risks so you don’t mistakenly put yourself in a trade-off position. Take a look on to minimize online... [Click to Read More]

iPhone 6 Most Predict Smartphone of 2014

iPhone 6 Most Predict Smartphone of 2014 The iPhone 6 is one of the most predict smartphone of 2014. iPhone 6 rumours are coming blucky and fast. Here, all of the latest information and rumors are rounded up to help you find out everything you need to know about the upcoming iPhone 6 most predict smartphone of... [Click to Read More]

Get the latest home security system technology

Get the latest home security system technology The increasing percentage of robberies and burglaries in houses has been of great concern. According to reports millions of violent activities have been recorded in the past years. Such invasions into your houses can surely be catastrophic at times. So how can one avoid... [Click to Read More]

Ask Anything to AskMe App – The Baap of All Apps

Ask Anything to AskMe App – The Baap of All Apps Kick a new start with ask anything to AskMe App. It is a collaborative question-and-answer app, where questions are asked and answered by users, both deploy and expert.   Before Ask Anything to AskMe App Check its Google Rating AskMe App, “The Baap of all App... [Click to Read More]
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