What Is The Best Android 2014?

What Is The Best Android 2014 With the almost complete technological progress, we encourage you to choose the best Android smartphone 2014, one of the most intense of the last decade. We could see this year probably the range of best android based smartphones in the last decade. If we take a look ... [Click to Read More]

FAR CRY 4 Analysis!

Far-Cry-4-Analysis Welcome to Kyrat In 2012 came to market Far Cry 3 as a huge surprise that the franchise changed completely, introducing new mechanics and a formula very Ubisoft , including traditional “stuff” to climb and release to unlock portions of the map-la- Assass... [Click to Read More]

What If Apple Watch Is A Watch Forever?

What if Apple Watch is a watch forever Over the past two years have seen the rise of smartwatches as what promises to be the next big boom in the world of consumer electronics. Samsung already has his (or the own), also Motorola, LG and Pebble, among many others who have joined the load. Finally, App... [Click to Read More]

Widgets: What They Are and How They Work?

Widgets: What They Are and How They Work We use them every day. Smartphone and tablet, on your computer or with a browser. Few, however, those who know exactly what they are. When talking about widgets in programming, we refer to the elements of ‘graphical user interface that let you interact with ... [Click to Read More]

To Transfer Data: Contacts And Photos From Android To iOS

To Transfer Data Contacts And Photos From Android To iOS It happens more frequently whenever Apple releases a new model of iPhone or iPad. Thousands of Android users, dissatisfied with their experience with the operating system of the green robot, they decide that the time has come to change the face and buy a smartphone (or... [Click to Read More]

Facebook Ready To Challenge LinkedIn, Google!

Facebook Ready To Challenge LinkedIn, Google Facebook is preparing to challenge LinkedIn, Microsoft and Google.The social network is working in secret to a new site called ‘Facebook at Work’, which allows you to chat with colleagues and collaborate on documents and professionals to get in touch.  The ... [Click to Read More]

5 Alternatives To The Apple Mac App

5 Alternatives To The Apple Mac App With all the threats that are in circulation for iOS and OS X, as ever at this time is advisable to download their software from trusted sources only . The problem is that the Mac App Store for OS X is subject to strict auspices of Apple, and then what you do not lik... [Click to Read More]

Facebook Places: World Of Online Tourism

Facebook Places World Of Online Tourism Facebook seems a static world that rarely makes significant changes. There are social networks coolest and most fashionable creature of Mark Zuckerberg . In reality this is not so.The leading social network in the world is constantly changing. Just think about t... [Click to Read More]
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